I am a big fan of Dia De Los Muertos so years ago I began painting pet portraits in a Day of the Dead Style, and it became a hit. Friends pets would pass, and I would recreate them painted skeleton. In fact, I love to paint any kind of skeleton, but the animals began getting more and more personal. So I then stepped into portraits without the skeleton, bout loud and boisterous. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Alligators, Roosters and beyond morphed from this. I enjoy the challenge of a photo to work from, and request full body shots and several to choose from. I usually ask you for what colors you like, or anything personal in the background, flowers, or a beloved toy, or a frame of the dog or cats collar, etc. We usually talk via email, photos, suggestions and then talk price.

I like to take my time with commissions, so a little patience goes a long way.

please contact me via email. thanks.

Hairless Kitteh

There is nothing more complimentary than a dog letting you know they recognize the subject matter.