Find me at a few new fests this year. I’ll be in Norfolk VA for

chicken of the swamp
chicken of the swamp

homage to native culture and the rougarou
the native rougarou
ghosts of bourbon
Ghosts tour during the Pandemic

One afternoon shortly after the pandemic took over, we took a bike ride through the quarter, which was all boarded up. I envisioned a ghost tour / since there were no people in the quarter…. we were all inside.



Last year was devastating as we watched our local festivals, and public gatherings be shut down for public health reasons. As we all move forward to get back to safe gatherings I am fortunate to be part of this opportunity. I was very pleased last year to be able to watch all the performances of years past, mixed with pandemic “virtual” performances from around the world. I sat glued watching from far away, and felt a camaraderie with those who would have been out there entertaining, and spreading joy. I even painted while watching people from around the world play music even though we couldn’t gather. It was very inspiring. I hope this years virtual art market provides some of the same.

South Africa Crocodile Gumboot Dancers from 2019 fest. Absolutely loved these guys.

festival international

After the last Festival International we celebrated at Prejeans. highly recommend.