THIS FALL I am doing Festival Acadiens in Lafayette, Louisiana the home of Festival International. I have been accepted into the Louisiana Artists Guild and I celebrated by booking myself into this grand fest.

I am currently showing at

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, 615 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans Louisiana

Surrey’s Uptown, 4807 Magazine Street, New Orleans, La.

Surrey’s Garden District, 1418 Magazine Street, New Orleans, La.

Little Miss Muffin, 766 Harrison Ave, 244 Metairie Road, and 3307 Severn Avenue

and by appointment only at my studio.

I am part of “VIRTUAL” Festival International which begins here shortly, so if you go to that page here, you can find art for sale / online. Originals only on that festival international page.

I am also a big animal rescue supporter, so you can find me also at Big Easy Animal Rescue in the French Quarter and the Marigny, where I have art for sale, and partial proceeds go back to BEAR to assist in the spay and neuter of feral cats, and animal rescue. They do a great job in assisting people with issues of rescue, feeding, and vet services besides the two pet stores they own. You can find them at 839 Spain Street in the Marigny or in the French Quarter at 513 Dumaine. Brenda is a Non Profit Rescue Group that sometimes finds herself helping others in places affected by hurricanes, or in need of animal rescue.

tribute to keith haring
tribute to keith haring at the empire state deli / mural project
tribute to banksy
tribute to banksy at the empire state deli / mural project
tribute to basquiat
tribute to basquiat at the empire state deli / mural project. You can find a link to empire to the right side of my page. EAT WELL

Another great spot I’ve had the pleasure of working is Taceaux Loceaux. One of my fave places to eat in this city. They own a food truck that has become infamous not only in the city, but also in the movies. I personally love their Avocado Fries, with a Seoul man Taco on the side. You can find them in my links on my main page here. But lets look at a little photo of that truck. Glorious it is.