This has been a big year for the Big Easel. As we passed 2020 and moved into 2021 A netflix series appeared that I had been in three years ago. It never came out as TNT shelved it. As Hollywood fell victim to social distancing and movies had to stop filming, someone recalled this series and brought it back out. Amazon Prime picked it up and aired it just recently. Its called “Tell Me Your Secrets”.

This was a great moment for myself, and My Mardigras Krewe Skinz N Bonez as we were all in the final episode for the series. I was hired as an artist and they rented my art and created a tent of Mardiclaw / The Big Easel for the final scene. As the camera dips down into the festival on screen, you can see not only Skinz N Bonez, but my festival tent with my art and name right up there! I WAS SO EXCITED. It turned out to be a great series as well.

The night of filming for this was stellar, as they recreated effigies and burned them in the town square, while a serial killer is unveiled amongst other “things”. Of course I would debut in a dark and swampy movie. This further fueled my love swamps and stirred me to paint even more.

Here is the trailer, and note the skeletons playing drums. Yes, thats Skinz N Bonez.

The Big Easel at the end of the day is Myself and other hand picked artists who collaborate, work festivals and enhance the beauty and culture of this city. It takes a big brush for a big easel.

As we were going into the Pandemic, I had made friends with the Empire State Deli in the CBD. Paul and I worked together to create NY street art inside his deli. An Homage to some of the greats. I began my murals, with a Banksy remake, a Basquiat, and a Keith Haring. I have two more panels to go before I attack the big one, which will be NY herself. As I approached my birthday that year, the Pandemic put a stop to that. I look forward now to GOING to NY before I finish this part of the mural for his business. Its been a pleasure to be a part of the evolution of this business. One of my fave spots to eat breakfast or lunch in New Orleans.