Pet Portraits

I have been doing pet portraits for a long time. It started when a friends pet passed away, and I did a portrait of the dog in day of the dead style. From there it grew, to cats, dogs, pigs, and beyond, and then it morphed into pet portraits that aren’t day of the dead.… Continue reading Pet Portraits

The only Superbowl that mattered, because “New Orleans…”

Back when was alive and well, I was lucky enough to have one of the publishers pick up a post I did on facebook. I have kept this post as a memory of post katrina times. It was a time when football united the city, and the people. Black and Gold Reign knew back… Continue reading The only Superbowl that mattered, because “New Orleans…”


Mardiclaw here, and I’m back online. The pandemic screams for a webpage presence these days, so I thought I would brighten the internet with art. Mardiclaw and The Big Easel are trademarks of New Orleans Artist Claudia Gehrke. Mardiclaw is a loud and colorful artist that specializes in pretty much Art imitating Life, imitates Art.… Continue reading I’m BACK