Louisiana Pizza Kitchen March show.

While Mardigras came and went, I tried to stay focused on painting. I’ve been working on swamps and plague doctors. I began a new series of “mardigras” people and skeletons which I will show in March. I did put two up at Surrey’s.

I’ve been dealing with the cold, like most people, and also working and trying to stay focused. While the beginning of the pandemic wasn’t too bad, I find myself ready for that vaccine. I was part of the Pfizer Trials and was unblinded recently to find I had placebo. Part of the trials meant I would also get the vaccine before most, which is on tomorrow’s agenda. I can’t wait for the world to get back to normal, IF there is such a thing.

Meanwhile I continue to paint, and as I’ve found, people love plague paintings. I guess historical times are in the mix, so finding some humor in all this has helped many people cope with it.

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