Pet Portraits

I have been doing pet portraits for a long time. It started when a friends pet passed away, and I did a portrait of the dog in day of the dead style. From there it grew, to cats, dogs, pigs, and beyond, and then it morphed into pet portraits that aren’t day of the dead.

How do you commission me for one? send me an email, and include several pictures of your pet. Full BODY please, and a few to choose from. Clear picture as well. I have done portraits and filled in the blanks, but I’d rather have a real picture I can work from.

The timeline depends on how busy I am, so if you call me, text me, email me constantly it probably won’t happen at all. I usually pick a picture, then discuss with you what colors, or things that might make that painting even more personal. I do not take deposits, But I do expect you to pay for shipping. a 16 by 20 portrait of your fur baby starts around $125 these days.

I also love to paint pets with costumes on. Why not send me one of those if you have it? Either way, its always a fun painting, and I enjoy seeing people smile. I love it even more when the pet themselves smile.

Kitteh as day of the dead
this was a lovely little portrait I did years ago for a good friend.

I even do wedding portraits / on the fly, these two wanted to be skeletons with their names, date and an elephant and time.

I think the most important thing in a portrait is communicating clearly. Clear Pictures, and a basis for background and colors. Yes I do smaller ones, but the smallest I’ll go is 9 by 12. Those start at about $75 / just depends on what you need.

stay tuned, I’m just posting for now, but will be cleaning up this page and organizing it once we get past mardigras.

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