A little history of Mardiclaw

Its been a long year. Previous years didn’t have a pandemic to keep me home, but I thought I’d put a little history here of accomplishments. I love to paint the things that make me laugh, smile and sometimes political.

In the past I have been a featured artist in a few shows you might have seen. HBO Treme series found me and you can not only find me as an extra, but my art was purchased for this series and is found in many background scenes. NCIS New Orleans found me in venues they have filmed at, and here in this month a new series called “Tell Me Your Secrets” will premiere. My Mardigras Krewe Skinz N Bonez is featured in the final episode, and you’ll notice my festival booth in the background in the grand finale scenes. I am also the artist behind the Taceaux Loceaux food truck here in New Orleans, and that truck has made it in so many films, its too long a list to publish. I also have several murals at Empire State Deli in downtown New Orleans. There you will find homage to street artists of New York, and its still a work in progress. Several other venues around the city also have my art. Surrey’s 1418 Magazine street, and 4807 Magazine street. I have an upcoming show at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen uptown in March. Other venues such as The Avenue Pub on St Charles avenue, The Soup Kitchen features my art on their menu. Great little spot if you love Soup, and a great venue during the time of Coronavirus cause the only seating is OUTDOORS, or to go. You can also find my art at Little Miss Muffin which is located at 766 Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, and several other locations throughout the city. I also am an artist on Fine Art America, https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/mardi-claw


For more mardiclaw art please go to NOOMOON for coasters.


I own the trademark for The Big Easel, and as the owner of this group, I occasionally do art markets with my group of artists. Our last one was before Christmas this year at the Artisan Bar and Cafe on St Claude avenue in New Orleans.

festivals list

Voices of the Wetlands https://www.facebook.com/Voice-of-the-Wetlands-122103941142025/

Rougarou Festival of Houma https://rougaroufest.org/Festival International in Lafayette, Louisiana https://festivalinternational.org/

I look forward to the next phase of pandemic, and opportunities to create and fill the void of New Orleans in all her glory thru art.

a nod to the four horsemen of the apocolypse

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