march fourth!

hello march.   this month I start off with a collection of tshirts through noomoon.  for those of you who aren’t familiar with noomoon?  its a collective of wonderful folks, who put on shows across the states.  located in New Orleans, and holding strong, they were a staple of voodoo fest, before it became a corporate entity.  Noomoon also heads to burning man each year, and has a wonderful tshirt line, among other things.   this month?  I have been selected as one of the featured artists.   check this out…

within the site, you will find video’s of mardigras, tshirts for sale, and links to up and coming events.  My favorite event of this month?  is Bunarchy, where people dress up like bondage rabbits, and run amok in the city.   a pub crawl, that donates money to another one of my favorite things…  the SPCA.   anytime you can help an animal?  I’m all for it.   especially while dressed like one.   you can find bunarchy also on facebook.

In the video section, you can find skinz n bonez, with kiriaka.   my krewe is looking quite fabulous these days.  nothing like a bone gang!

another new venue for me will rise about mid month, located where the old maguires was on magazine and st joseph.   this new spot is called the warehouse grill, and features Craig from J’anita’s fame.   I will be showing there with Rick Moore, and Elsie Semmes.

Lots of chickens at 1418 magazine street, and more day of the dead oriented works up at 4807 magazine street.  surrey’s has proven to be a great staple in my life.


either way, don’t forget one other big moment coming up.   when most folks head to st pats parades?  head to SUPER SUNDAY, as the indians roll out the best of the best.   do something different this st pats, and don’t bow!

spring is here!

I just spent a week in Portland, Oregon, visiting my mom, and boy am I glad to be home.   Its always so depressing in the NW during the winter months, and so dark outside.  I am so glad I don’t live there anymore.   WHICH brings me to this one big thing….   We are getting drenched this week!   As I watch the streets flood, and listen to the thunder and the lightning?   I am so glad its not cold here, and so glad that we get early springs!

you can find more new art at  I uploaded some new works, like the “feeling lucky”.   In the meantime, I’ll be showing up here real soon, on the noomoon site, with tshirts.   You can get mardiclaw shirts through his site, and then there’s also my campaign on indiegogo, for my pup.  Lula…

the campaign for her surgery?  is filled with art you get in exchange.

all of these things….  good things.

rain, rain, go away…. laissez les bon temps rouler!


yay! the gras returns!

its been a long week, being hijacked for the superbowl.   I met lots of people, and they were all wonderful.   I cannot begin to talk enough about how many laughs I got over that “blackout” at the dome.   my first response was “the mardigras gods take revenge… all hail mardigras!”

then It was “revenge for the bounty scandal.”   then I began reposting from others, alex said ” they wanted an authentic new orleans experience?  they got it”.  others talked about “this time?  its the rich in the dome”.    the commentary was endless, and I laughed it all up.

congrats to the ravens.   and thanks for the blackout, it made the game more interesting.   I’m sure we’ll hear about this for the next month, but inside?  for me?  still giggling.

the gras is on!

okeanos posethis is the time of year that makes this entire city?  one giant gallery of creativity.  this year is no exception, with the superbowl pulling in, and the gras stepping aside?  I can’t help but wonder how much income is being lost, to a corporation, as opposed to the nest egg that we new orleanians?  garner each year to survive.

I am no exception, except that I show year round at surrey’s.   I hope each and everyone of you?  gets out and shows your love to the artists of this city, during this time.   the NFL actually is having folks move aside, with permits in hand, while they hijack the “clean zone” for their event.    I wonder if clean zone means cleansing away anything remotely new orleans?   Its sad, but its true.   So when you see the artists, and the markets?   get out and support them.  These folks are being forced to give up a week of their nest eggs.    I find it increasingly insulting, from the suspensions, to the “bounties” to the clean zone, a complete hostage situation of my city.

As far as all this goes?  YOU the tourist?  probably don’t know the background on all this drama, and you don’t need to.  YOU just need to know, that you should enjoy yourselves while your here, and show the love to the locals, who I KNOW will show it back.  there is no city in the states, as friendly as we are.

happy superbowl