AHHHH Christmas is right round the corner! order online!

I have been a member of Fine Art America for a while now, and you can purchase all kinds of prints, canvas, phones, curtains, and beyond by simply shopping online.    They will print and ship to you.


This season I am showing in a number of spots.    As always, you can find my work at both surrey’s locations.   1418 Magazine Street, and 4807 Magazine Street in New Orleans.   Another show is up at Twisted Hair Salon at 4824 Prytania St, New Orleans, another showing at Skull Club, by appointment only, and of course my studio.   Also by appointment only.    Please email me at mardiclaw@gmail.com if you are looking for something special.   I do take special orders, and work with you to create wedding portraits, animal portraits, and home and secondline work.   My latest works at skull club are somewhat dark, and mystical.   A new direction I began for Halloween this year.   This series is called Conjour, and I am following it up with portraits of Krampus, the Yule Lord.

I am very excited to return from a Vacation in Mexico where I witnessed not only The Day of the Dead Celebrations in Zihuatenejo, but mingled with the locals, and participated in the parades.     It was a very enlightening experience, and the people of Zihua were very receptive to me.    Days on end of Altars, Skeletons, and friendly folks willing to share their altars, and personal experiences.   I look forward to these moments coming to life in paintings.

I also got to spend time at the Frida Kahlo Museum, and at Teotihuacan, also known as the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon.   These were big highlights in Mexico City that will most likely come forward in the coming months on canvas.

Happy Holidays to all my friends and fan base.   I’m here this season if you are looking for new work, and wishing you a happy new year and opportunities to travel.

at Teotihuacan and then Frida’s.  Her death mask lies upon her bed.   This room holds the bed with mirror she painted from, as she lay sick in bed.   As I walked through the house I found an altar especially created for her.   Mi Amore Kim and I both then found ourselves posing as Frida and Diego.

bottom picture is of me for Halloween this year with skinz n bonez at the Anne Rice Ball holding the Barbies we give out as gifts on the parade route.   These two dolls were gifted the Michelle and Travis who were married at the ball this year.   Congrats to both of you.