COMMISSIONS / dogs and cats and things that go bump in the nite.

I have had so many requests this year for peoples pets and beyond.   I thought I would give a quick synopsis on how the process works.    I will need a good photo to begin with.    CLEAR, and showing your pets entire body, or what your pet does best.    I can do several pets in one painting.  Much like these two works that were commissioned by a collector in Germany, who comes to the French Quarterfest each year to see me.   I also did some lagniappe as well for being a A repeat buyer.   I also have had many people ask me for cats as well as dogs.   I would even do a horse, pig, cow, whatever pet you are looking for.    My main thing is this…   I need a clear picture to work from that we both can agree upon.   I then will use my artistic vision to create a lovely work for you in bright bold colors.  Canvas, and acrylic, then sealed for the final work.   I will negotiate a price, but generally will not do anything under 16 by 20 size.   typical cost for a 16 by 20 is $100 down payment, and then $50 when finished.   You pay for the shipping.   I do take credit cards, but prefer cash, and I don’t like deadlines.   I like to take my time.  I also will give you a glimpse of what I’m creating, but at the end of the day its my artistic license, and freedom to express which creates the work.   I can change eye color, I can add fido’s dog collar etc.   But at the end of the day I take my time, and finish.   No refunds.    I look forward to doing these works and enjoy making people happy.   Let me know if your interested by emailing me at  thanks.

summer fun!

I just wanted to say HOW MUCH I LOVED FRIDAFEST in bay st louis!

  1. FRIDA lookalikes in competition!  lets just do a quick look at some of the fun…  first shot is of me in front of the frida street art at SMITH AND LENS GALLERY.   I was so blessed to be on hand outside this fabulous gallery as a guest artist with a table.   lets Just Say that Ann and Sandy are wonderful ladies with a vision!  I arrived with Skinz N Bonez krewe from New Orleans, and we hit the parking garage to meet up with the Bay Ratz Marching Krewe from BSL, and joined in the drumming festivities with the Ratz and Mice.
  2. Next up I set up a booth, and meet and greet all the Frida’s in competition.  THIS was the highlight of the street festival itself / all these ladies dressed in their finest, and then some skinz n bonez action in there too!This festival celebrates the birthday of Frida Kahlo.