I am pleased to return for the 6th year in a row to the Crescent City Brewpub for the month of April.   Showing again with me is Rick Moore, photography, Lana Guerra, painter…   White Spider Photography, and myself.   As always opening night is from five pm to seven pm upstairs at crescent city brewpub.   we will see you there for art and beer tasting and a little nosh.


still alive and well, and its almost twelfth nite.

3dogsjpegavailable at velvet cactus lakeviewcurlyIndianthese mamawannabone at surreys uptown,  feather and bone uptown surrey’s  4807 magazinemermaidhouseonedogheartorangeroosterScantacolocounnamedgreen chicken hell fuckin yes house house2 LadySkele new snb sticker

Big Queen Mardiclaw is the owner of the big easel and skinz n bonez and soul sweepers.    She is currently showing at both Surrey’s locations on magazine street in New Orleans, and also at both Velvet Cactus locations…  Lakeview and Baton Rouge.   you can find her in her studio located in Gentilly on any given day, and she will be with her Bone Gang for Joan of Arc on twelfth nite.  Also look for her at Dog Day Afternoon, and Melbas in teh 8th ward.

so won’t you join us in celebrating epiphany?

happiness is all about the fall



FALL  my favorite time of year.

I just wanted to touch base with all of you out there to let you know that this fall has been incredibly busy for me.   I just uploaded 15 images to fine art america.    its incredible to think that just about ten years ago I wasn’t showing anything, to today where I have over 100 works hanging in various venues throughout the city of New Orleans.


click on the link above for the fine art america website.  or google fine art america mardiclaw.

in the meantime I’m showing at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen uptown.   lots of day of the dead images there, with roosters chickens, and architecture.

from there you can find me at surrey’s 1418 magazine street  / 4807 magazine street

velvet cactus lakeview and baton rouge locations and melba’s on elysian fields.

my krewe will be out in force for the October first buggy parade in the french quarter.   october third for calacas y maracas where you can win a painting.  then oct 18th for prince of wales social aid and pleasure club, anba dlo, krewe of boo, anne rice ball, and then the day of the dead parade.

here’s to the fall, may you find a pumpkin spice latte in your future.

happy fall

just wanted to touch base with those of you out there searching out the big easel.

I am currently showing at the louisiana pizza kitchen uptown, Melba’s on elysian fields, both surrey’s locations and both velvet cactus locations…

I am also gearing up for another show this time at twisted and at midway.    the big easel is located in gentilly and is the studio I work out of … I can be reached at 504 554 2069.

looking forward to a beautiful fall season

upcoming shows.

994642_698894256854518_1994501662158093265_n 10620796_681850795225531_6726116240989262072_n 1920301_10100399465085589_1422519329_n 10403663_685460951531182_1673382192296473622_nI will be going into the louisiana pizza kitchen here at the end of august.  currently showing at Melba’s, both surreys locations and at the velvet cactus here in new orleans and in baton rouge.  please bear with me as we fix some issues on this website.


stay tuned.


I have found a great new venue to showcase my art.   It also happens to be a wonderful restaurant.   The Velvet Cactus in Lakeview is among one of my favorite new hotspots.   A great patio area with all kinds of funky goodness, and hispanic overtones, with wonderful food, and eclectic mixed crowd.  From families to locals alike, this place satisfies all my needs.   you will find them here….

I would like to tell you that I have been quite successful with my day of the dead art here…   take some time out of your busy schedule and get yourself a margarita… the happy hour here?  makes everyone happy.  Watermelon mint?  YUM…


A PAINTING A DAY / crescent city brewhouse april first… five pm

Once a year I get the opportunity to show at the crescent city brewhouse on decatur street, and this year?   I get to show for april, WHICH includes french qtr fest, shore leave and both jazzfest weekends.    AGAIN , with Offbeat Magazine Photographer KIM WELSH, and Photographer RICK MOORE, we will grace the walls with our nola goodness.

LOTS of jazzfest shots, secondlines, and krewes…    for myself?   a painting a day.   here’s a taste of some of the works I have been working on.   mostly things I found after mardigras that inspired me, done festival style.

enjoy1888673_10151932537346428_2069876949_nthis is skinz n bonez rolling in okeanos.   what a wonderful day, and I must give P. Teel a shout out!   great picture.

1939991_10151934319031428_1194226368_nheres some box of wine.  this isn’t completed, but I don’t mind showing the process of painting.   each day I take shots of them as I work thru them.   truly divine madness ritual excess and crazy wisdom.


see you at crescent brewpub april first at five pm upstairs.

calacas y maracas and amusing bike rentals

just wanted to do a shout out to my friend gustavo at a musing bike rentals located at 1818 magazine street.  right now he has a few of my canvas on the wall, but soon will be donning many, and become a regular show place for me.    Gustavo?  you rock.

come OCT fifth to jimani to get your faces painted at four thirty BEFORE joining the Skinz N Bonez Pub Crawl.   the bars participating are arnauds, erin rose, mollys on toulouse, the kerry, house of blues voodoo garden, good friends, aunt tiki’s, spitfire, and R Bar.

put on your skellie face so you don’t feel outta place.   go to to donate for the crawl, and get your collectible lanyard.   CHEERS

Crescent City Brewpub Gallery Opening!

Wed, June 12th I will be joining Kim Welsh, and Rick Moore showing at the brewhouse!  this will be my third year, and I’m excited.

for those of you on facebook….

Artist Claudia Gehrke was born in the Pacific Northwest where she attended The University of Oregon and the Seattle Art Institute before moving to Los Angeles, Prescott Arizona, and finally New Orleans.
She works out of her Saint Roch home as “Mardiclaw” and concentrates on Post-K Dia de las Muertes works that reflect local Ya-Ya influence and show a Southwestern flavor. Her work lends itself well to “N’Awlins” culture which includes second lines, parades, bone gangs, architecturally-influenced paintings, and year-round festivals.
By founding and leading her own Bone Gang, Skinz n’ Bonez, Mardiclaw is living and breathing the modern aphorism of “Life imitating Art”, and gathering more inspiration for her work by parading with and within Mardi Gras Indian culture as a drum krewe for the Wild Tchoupitoulas tribe.
Her work has been in the HBO televison show “Treme”, Syfy Channel’s “Warehouse 13”, and her large-scale murals adorn The Avenue Pub and can be seen motoring around New Orleans on the side of the Taceaux Loceaux food truck, which Smithsonian Magazine named as one of the Top 20 food trucks in the US.
For her third appearance here at the Crescent City Brewhouse Mardiclaw is bringing viewers an assortment of her work including popular giclees, local landmark and architectural pieces, paintings reflecting the intense craftsmanship of the Mardi Gras Indians’ vivid “suits”, humorous food-themed images, and a new series of lovingly-executed roosters which one admirer called “her most ‘painterly’ work yet.”