AHHHH Christmas is right round the corner! order online!

I have been a member of Fine Art America for a while now, and you can purchase all kinds of prints, canvas, phones, curtains, and beyond by simply shopping online.    They will print and ship to you.


This season I am showing in a number of spots.    As always, you can find my work at both surrey’s locations.   1418 Magazine Street, and 4807 Magazine Street in New Orleans.   Another show is up at Twisted Hair Salon at 4824 Prytania St, New Orleans, another showing at Skull Club, by appointment only, and of course my studio.   Also by appointment only.    Please email me at mardiclaw@gmail.com if you are looking for something special.   I do take special orders, and work with you to create wedding portraits, animal portraits, and home and secondline work.   My latest works at skull club are somewhat dark, and mystical.   A new direction I began for Halloween this year.   This series is called Conjour, and I am following it up with portraits of Krampus, the Yule Lord.

I am very excited to return from a Vacation in Mexico where I witnessed not only The Day of the Dead Celebrations in Zihuatenejo, but mingled with the locals, and participated in the parades.     It was a very enlightening experience, and the people of Zihua were very receptive to me.    Days on end of Altars, Skeletons, and friendly folks willing to share their altars, and personal experiences.   I look forward to these moments coming to life in paintings.

I also got to spend time at the Frida Kahlo Museum, and at Teotihuacan, also known as the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon.   These were big highlights in Mexico City that will most likely come forward in the coming months on canvas.

Happy Holidays to all my friends and fan base.   I’m here this season if you are looking for new work, and wishing you a happy new year and opportunities to travel.

at Teotihuacan and then Frida’s.  Her death mask lies upon her bed.   This room holds the bed with mirror she painted from, as she lay sick in bed.   As I walked through the house I found an altar especially created for her.   Mi Amore Kim and I both then found ourselves posing as Frida and Diego.

bottom picture is of me for Halloween this year with skinz n bonez at the Anne Rice Ball holding the Barbies we give out as gifts on the parade route.   These two dolls were gifted the Michelle and Travis who were married at the ball this year.   Congrats to both of you.


COMMISSIONS / dogs and cats and things that go bump in the nite.

I have had so many requests this year for peoples pets and beyond.   I thought I would give a quick synopsis on how the process works.    I will need a good photo to begin with.    CLEAR, and showing your pets entire body, or what your pet does best.    I can do several pets in one painting.  Much like these two works that were commissioned by a collector in Germany, who comes to the French Quarterfest each year to see me.   I also did some lagniappe as well for being a A repeat buyer.   I also have had many people ask me for cats as well as dogs.   I would even do a horse, pig, cow, whatever pet you are looking for.    My main thing is this…   I need a clear picture to work from that we both can agree upon.   I then will use my artistic vision to create a lovely work for you in bright bold colors.  Canvas, and acrylic, then sealed for the final work.   I will negotiate a price, but generally will not do anything under 16 by 20 size.   typical cost for a 16 by 20 is $100 down payment, and then $50 when finished.   You pay for the shipping.   I do take credit cards, but prefer cash, and I don’t like deadlines.   I like to take my time.  I also will give you a glimpse of what I’m creating, but at the end of the day its my artistic license, and freedom to express which creates the work.   I can change eye color, I can add fido’s dog collar etc.   But at the end of the day I take my time, and finish.   No refunds.    I look forward to doing these works and enjoy making people happy.   Let me know if your interested by emailing me at mardiclaw@gmail.com.  thanks.

summer fun!

I just wanted to say HOW MUCH I LOVED FRIDAFEST in bay st louis!

  1. FRIDA lookalikes in competition!  lets just do a quick look at some of the fun…  first shot is of me in front of the frida street art at SMITH AND LENS GALLERY.   I was so blessed to be on hand outside this fabulous gallery as a guest artist with a table.   lets Just Say that Ann and Sandy are wonderful ladies with a vision!  I arrived with Skinz N Bonez krewe from New Orleans, and we hit the parking garage to meet up with the Bay Ratz Marching Krewe from BSL, and joined in the drumming festivities with the Ratz and Mice.
  2. Next up I set up a booth, and meet and greet all the Frida’s in competition.  THIS was the highlight of the street festival itself / all these ladies dressed in their finest, and then some skinz n bonez action in there too!This festival celebrates the birthday of Frida Kahlo.   http://www.nola.com/arts/index.ssf/2017/07/frida_fest_draws_fans_of_paint.html


I am pleased to return for the 6th year in a row to the Crescent City Brewpub for the month of April.   Showing again with me is Rick Moore, photography, Lana Guerra, painter…   White Spider Photography, and myself.   As always opening night is from five pm to seven pm upstairs at crescent city brewpub.   we will see you there for art and beer tasting and a little nosh.


this fall you can find me at….

TWISTED hair salon.    large works here… located at  4824 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA

Surrey’s Uptown and Garden District locations, 1418 Magazine Street garden district, and 4807 Magazine uptown at Bordeaux.

Velvet Cactus both locations,  6300 Argonne Blvd, New Orleans, LA 701247655 Old Hammond Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen uptown  615 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

or by appointment at the Big Easel 504 554- 2069
now taking commissions for the Christmas Season.
big easel shot festival shots festival vow more fest vow 2 vow

FABULOUS weekend at Voices of the Wetland

I’d like to thank everyone who supported my first venture into festival vending.

mission success!

CRESCENT CITY BREWPUB opening. april 11th, 2016

Bowieas a huge fan of David Bowie, you can imagine how depressed I was to find my Idol gone this past year.   In my sorrow, I painted a version of him titled BLACK STAR bone.    a mix of aladdin sane and bowie if he was a member of skinz n bonez.     We did a tribute for femme fatale with an aladdin sane styled makeup.   Long Live the Thin White Duke.

this show will be a mix of new and some old.   Most of my new work are 30 by 40 and I would like to post them here, but instead I will give you a link to look for yourself to buy online.



and over the next few days I will be adding lots to the fine art america site.  I love fine art america because you can order prints to be delivered.  You can even order pillows, shower curtains and beyond!    Stay Tuned

here’s a couple printed canvas works, and just to clarify the show, I will be showing with Rick Moore, Lana Guerra, and White Spider Photography.



Lana Guerra

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” ~ Pablo Picasso

My painting style is very raw and in the moment, I do not plan out my work and even if I did they would be something
completely different in the end. When I look at art I want it to evoke moods or ideas not just be a pretty picture, so
I guess you could classify my art style to be Childlike Art Brut / Outsider Art. My artwork have been shown in galleries all over the US, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and France. Right now you can find me live painting and selling original pieces in the French Quarter at Pirates Alley a few times a month and I ship worldwide from my online website and from my etsy shop. – Lana Guerra / Crude Things
www.crudethings.com and www.etsy.com/shop/crudeart

Rick Moore is an avid music fan and live performance devotee who just happens to carry a camera. After 30+ years in the television post-production business, Rick retired and relocated to New Orleans to share (realize) his passion – photographing musicians in live performance. From the largest festivals to the most intimate clubs, Rick’s performance images capture the very essence of the players whose talents demonstrate the lovingly diverse rhythms of the New Orleans music scene.


White Spider Photography, is a gentleman by the name of “spidey” who I met during some of our Indian Moments with the Wild Tchoupitoulas.    He has a very distinct taste in photography and an eye for Urban Lifestyle Imagery.  I especially love it when he puts together posters and mirror imaging. as he certainly has an eye for catching yours….-11 -111-1

the event begins at five pm upstairs, til seven pm at the crescent city brewhouse located in the french quarter at 527 decatur street.

still alive and well, and its almost twelfth nite.

3dogsjpegavailable at velvet cactus lakeviewcurlyIndianthese mamawannabone at surreys uptown,  feather and bone uptown surrey’s  4807 magazinemermaidhouseonedogheartorangeroosterScantacolocounnamedgreen chicken hell fuckin yes house house2 LadySkele new snb sticker

Big Queen Mardiclaw is the owner of the big easel and skinz n bonez and soul sweepers.    She is currently showing at both Surrey’s locations on magazine street in New Orleans, and also at both Velvet Cactus locations…  Lakeview and Baton Rouge.   you can find her in her studio located in Gentilly on any given day, and she will be with her Bone Gang for Joan of Arc on twelfth nite.  Also look for her at Dog Day Afternoon, and Melbas in teh 8th ward.

so won’t you join us in celebrating epiphany?

here’s some samples of art here in new orleans


this was taken at krampusgras last year 2014 at siberia. in the picture is Sambone, Mistress Kali Wunderhammer, Bonez of Steele and yours truly.

katrinas sunken solo

this was the first painting I did after katrina. she is housed up north in a good patrons home.


this can be purchased at fine art america, but the original is in sacramento at Claibonez house.


frida sold a while back, but her image lives on at fine art america mardiclaw.


hot dawg is hanging in the french quarter….


not sure where fluffy is…

cat on hot

el gato is somewhere in new orleans eating a can of tuna.

a rooster

this rooster was painted eons ago. I posted him anyhow because who doesn’t love a good BaGawk.


currently for sale at surrey’s 1418 magazine street.


she lasted about one day at surrey’s before someone got her.


somewhere in time….


you can find a great print of this one at fine art america. this is now hanging in toronto canada.


I do tons of these , and they don’t last long on the walls of where I show. everyone loves the man to man, woman to woman wedding works as the world is finally recognizing gay marriage.


Skinz N Bonez Taceaux Loceaux #bonegangnola I am currently touching up the truck for the season. look for another taceaux loceaux truck to emerge this year with another mardiclaw painting on it.


photo courtesy of Kim Welsh.


photo courtesy of Rick Moore

10615590_678427418901202_5134234848673732198_n 10614355_678427282234549_3255064786964997797_n 15812_403822963028528_1626899119_n skull n bone northside I have five spots that I always show at.    Surrey’s 1418 Magazine, 4807 Magazine, Velvet Cactus in Lakeview and Baton Rouge, and Melba’s.   I will be branching out to the french quarter here shortly, but I thought it was a good idea to give a little sampling of art that has already sold, so that you can check it out, or maybe ask for a commission.  I enjoy doing dog portraits for people, with a day of the dead twist.   but here goes…

valentine tumblehere is a portrait I did a few years back after a pub crawl on valentines day for 6’t9 social aid and pleasure club.

10441927_10152286092116428_2600806468274069652_nthis one is on fine art america, A friend purchased this one for $75 its 12 by 24

10403663_685460951531182_1673382192296473622_n 10620796_681850795225531_6726116240989262072_n 10645087_678427318901212_5390461029896464358_nsold the bicycles for $250   24 by 36.  ladybonez for $80  she’s 16 by 20 and the surfer was also $80 16 by 20.   I will be working hard this winter for your holiday gifts.   come check me out at both surrey’s locations and velvet cactus locations.   catch a rooster or two at melba’s.   have a happy holiday season.